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How do you lose weight from over 300 lbs or more?

See that pic over there? That’s me. June 11, 2010. 340 lbs.


I was pretty heavy. I’ve lost weight, I’ve put it back on. I’ve learned about nutrition, form, and proper healthy lifestyles. I’ve also pigged out, skipped workouts, and just didn’t care at times when I certainly could have made better decisions about my general health. I need surgery on both of my knees as a result of my weight.

I did P90X, I did Insanity. I didn’t change my eating habits, but I did start on Shakeology. I was told it would help get my nutrition on track. I actually started it about two-thirds of the way through Insanity. P90X is a 90 day program – I lost 25 lbs through that program. Insanity is only 60 days and I lost 26 lbs. Through all this, I also lost about 5 inches off my waist.

After that, I got lazy. I toyed with this program and that. I made excuses. I half-assed it through a workout. I made an excuse that I could eat whatever I wanted because I worked out that day. I didn’t actually fuel my body for what I was doing that day.

I ended up doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and lost 10 lbs. in 21 days, but I slacked off on that, too. I did have a positive result from it, though. I quit chewing tobacco. As a result, though, I kept eating after and put almost all my weight back on. I got back up to 330 lbs. That was back in January.

Here we are in July. I’ve participated in a calorie deficit group to rein in my nutrition and get that on track. I just started a new program 2 days ago to help get my physical fitness on track. I’m running several accountability groups and remaining accountable to the other participants while helping others as well. I’m now back down to 308. I’ve lost 5 lbs in the past week alone, just by applying these simple daily activities and making good decisions for my health and my body. Basically, I’m on track to making the right decisions to get back to a healthier weight and to feel better about myself.

Why do I tell you all this? I do it, because I’ve been where you are. Heck, I’m still there for a lot of you. I’m still heavier than many of you! The difference is, I know what it takes to make progress. I know what it takes to start shedding inches and pounds. I know how to overcome those hurdles. I have tools to help you stay on track. I have the ability to help YOU become successful! I know how to do what I can, even though I may not be able to do everything they do on the video, and still see results. What kind of results? Look here, but finish reading that last paragraph before you click this link.

There’s not a whole lot that I haven’t heard or used as an excuse myself. The difference is, I’m willing to help you. We can be as secretive as you want, or I can put you in a challenge group where you can have the support of others, too. There’s just one thing I need you to do in order to make this work. I need you to contact me. I need you to reach out. I’m willing to help you. I just need you to tell me that you want that help. That’s the first step! Are you ready?



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