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Why I became a coach.

On June 11, 2010, my son had a moving on ceremony to “graduate” from 8th grade and move on into high school. Things have certainly changed since I was his age. Back then, it wasn’t middle school then high school. Back then it was elementary school, junior high, then high school.

I think the biggest change since then is my weight. You may have been lead to this particular article by a header with a picture of a pretty fat guy with a forced smile. It wasn’t forced for lack of enthusiasm for my son. I’m really proud of him. He’s honestly one of the biggest inspirations in my life. I’ve never handled even half the adversity he has in his life and he’s only 15 now. I truly admire him.

So, I was pretty proud of him that day. What I wasn’t proud of was the pictures I saw of myself once we got home. It was a week later that I purchased P90X and on June 30th, I began. By the way, if you saw that picture in the slideshow, that was me when I started. I’ve actually lost about 50 lbs. now from P90X, Insanity and Asylum. Back to my story, though.

A few weeks in and I had allowed the DVD’s to play through and viewed a few of Beachbody’s advertisements for the different supplements that they offer. The one that piqued my interest the most was Shakeology. While on twitter and searching for tags for P90X, I saw someone offering free samples of Shakeology. I was told in exchange for signing up for a free account on the company website, he would send me a free sample. In addition, he offered his own website with support forums to answer questions I might have. Upon registering on his site and creating my own profile, I perused through the forums.

There were lots of questions that I hadn’t even considered yet and there were some questions that had already crossed my mind. There were other members answering questions. By that point, I was hooked and had found a community of members that wasn’t just a forum. I felt like I was welcomed into a new family.

When I joined this forum, I had only lost 10 lbs. I wasn’t even a month into the program. It was only a couple weeks more, maybe another 5 additional lbs. lost, and many more posts where I saw these “coaches” answering questions and encouraging and supporting others and each other. So, I asked what a coach was. Some of them seemed quite knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, both things I was sure I’d never be any sort of an expert at. I was informed that I didn’t really need to be any sort of expert. I just had to have a desire to help someone else achieve their own goals and encourage them along that road. If I needed to give advice on nutrition or fitness, I was already beginning to see I had several resources for both.

Heck, I can do that! Especially when it’s something that is really near and dear to your heart, it’s very easy to encourage others as they move along on their own journey. It’s really not difficult to do at all. I’ve also taken full advantage of those resources I mentioned. Sure, I have my own coach as well, but there are different coaches I go to with different questions. This really, truly is a family!

I signed up to become a coach in late August of 2010. Since then, I’ve met many of these coaches who have encouraged me and supported me from day one. Their continued support, encouragement, and concern for my own success and well-being as a coach has only reinforced to me that I made the right decision to become a coach.

The bottom line is, I signed up to become a coach, because I wanted to pay it forward and help others much in the same way I was helped and witnessed scores of others being helped. The best part out of all this? It was free for me to get assigned a coach.

Would you like access to a free coach? Great, because my own services are free! If you’d like to sign up for your own free account, simply click here and sign up for your free account. I will gladly help you in any way I can to achieve your own weight loss, fitness, or nutritional goals.



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