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What does Beachbody have to offer you?

Today starts day one of my second round of Insanity! I’ve gotten a buddy of mine to join me on the schedule for the 9 weeks. We started last time around the end of January, which carried us into March.

While messing around with doing sporadic workouts the past three months, I haven’t seen a huge change in my physical appearance. This is why these programs are so important! They give you a schedule. They give you accountability. They give you structure. Beachbody knows what they’re doing as a company! I’m no certified health or weight-training specialist. I HAVE learned, however, a LOT from my fellow coaches and from the company itself. It’s the accountability with other people that keeps things on track and produces results!

That is the whole purpose of plugging into the system that Beachbody has created. They know what it takes to maintain the momentum and create the desire to achieve the results you’re looking for with your workout program. Whether your issue is your nutritional intake, needing a partner to workout with, or just someone to help keep you motivated; they’ve created a system to have all that in place!

The other great thing is, there are 3 different levels that you can take advantage of.

The free account gives you access to the WOWY Supergym. This is a great program, because it creates the accountability and personal responsibility to yourself to do your workouts. Plus, by logging your workouts on a daily basis, you can be entered in the daily drawing. They give away $300 cash, iPods, digital cameras, and dvd players, to name a few. Once a week, there’s a $1000 cash giveaway. In addition, the free membership also gives you access to a free goal tracker. This is probably THE BEST tool available on the website. Basically, it gives you a visual long before you ever see any changes in the mirror. Since we live in a microwave society (we want dinner in 5 minutes, not the half hour it takes to cook it on the stove), this is a GREAT way to start seeing results before you can actually see results!

Club members receive a 10% discount on all purchases. In addition to the great tools you’ll have access to with the free account, this gives you access to create your own blog and to a meal planner. The really great thing about the meal planner is that you’ll be able to personalize and structure it to fit your own needs. There are also some really great recipes in there! The club membership also gives you access to the VIP chat rooms where chats with celebrity trainers are occurring weekly. Great value with this membership for a smaller weekly price than your daily dose of Starbucks!

Coaches receive a 25% discount on ALL purchases. Not that your health and fitness really needs a value placed on it, but what better incentive to get started? There are so many great benefits from being a coach, I don’t even know all of them, but the discount alone makes it worth it. For just a couples dollars more per month than the club membership, you’ll be saving much more than that on your purchases.

All you have to do is determine which level of membership you’d like to sign up with to participate. I would absolutely love to be able to help coach you along in your own journey! That’s exactly why I signed up to become a coach in the first place. I saw so many other coaches helping and supporting each other and I wanted to help pay that forward. I had only lost a little over 15 lbs. at that point and I’ve now lost 50 lbs. It was simply the spirit of helpfulness and desire to see others succeed that pushed me to become a coach. Finding out all the benefits that coaches receive was simply an added bonus immediately after I signed up.

What you need to ask yourself is, “What is holding me back? What are my ‘excuses’ and how can I overcome them?” Be honest with yourself! Trust me, I’m the king of them. It’s not done alone. It’s done with the support of your coach and friends and family! Let me help you! Any one of those links above will get you in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can also go to my Beachbody Coach’s site and sign up for your membership right now!

What’s holding you back?



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