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Fit Clubs

Beachbody endorses their coaches holding fit clubs in their local areas to help bring exercise and fitness to the masses. It’s one of many tools engaged by Team Beachbody to help “End the Trend” of obesity. Do I know where the term originated? No. Do I know who started the first fit club, or came up with the idea? No, again. I do know that Todd Midgett ( is kind of an expert on the subject and runs several successful fit clubs in the Charlotte, NC area.

The whole purpose of the fit club is simply to offer a free workout to a group of people. Personally, I use a program from the Beachbody library (Insanity, P90X, Turbofire, Chalean Extreme, etc). This gives anyone the opportunity to “try it out”, so to speak, before they decide to purchase a workout program. In addition, and this is what keeps a lot of people coming back, it gives people the chance to exercise in a group setting. This is where those who have a competitive streak may thrive. It can help you to push harder!

It’s more of an accountability thing, though! For me, having used these very workout programs to lose over 50 lbs. has given me a renewed sense of confidence, more stamina, and improved health and fitness. I run the fit club to help offer the same opportunity to others. There’s no greater feeling in the world than helping someone else achieve their goals. That applies to everything in life, but it certainly makes me feel better knowing that it’s something I’ve achieved myself and am able to pass on to others.

If you’re interested in locating a Beachbody Fit Club near you, contact me! I’ll gladly help you locate the one closest to you. If there isn’t one, maybe you’d like to start one yourself. I’d be glad to help with that, too!



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