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Acid vs. Alkaline – Know your pH balance

I’ve used Beachbody programs to lose 50 lbs. That’s my firm net weight loss. I don’t know that I could count the total weight loss (if I were to throw out all the gains I’ve had in between). I bet it would be well over 100 lbs. since I’ve had a few injuries and (working) vacations along the way. The majority of these have been within the past year.

I was speaking with one of my mentors a couple weeks ago and had asked for some suggestions on improving my nutrition, and her response was “Dan, I’ve heard you ask this before, and I’ll tell you this. You have to WANT it. Your ‘why’ has got to be bigger than anything else!” I don’t know that it’s quite sunken in just yet, because I’m still allowing these distractions to get the better of me at just about every turn. I come up with excuses, I don’t accept responsibility, and as a result, I don’t improve my fitness, or continue toward my goal. It’s for that reason that I’m trying to research and find more info to logically tell myself “this is what you need to do.”

Through browsing our coach’s group page on Facebook, another mentor posted a YouTube video that touches base on pH balance in our blood and our nutritional intake. Another thing that it covers is the quandary that so many people face with diet soda and wondering why they still gain weight while drinking it. This is just one example, but I felt it would be a good reason to post that video here:

I won’t name names, or even remotely insinuate specific people. What I will say is that I have some people in my life that struggle with acid reflux. Prior to beginning my own health and fitness lifestyle change, I’d struggled with the same issue. While I had no idea what I was really doing aside from following instructions given to me by others more knowledgeable on the subject, I started to change my eating habits.Through that process, I’ve almost completely eliminated any issues with acid reflux that I experience myself. It wasn’t until about 2-3 weeks ago when I saw this video, that I started seeking out more information about acid reflux and how what we eat can overcome that problem.

My biggest hope is that those who struggle with the same issues might find some solace in changing their eating habits and defeating the acidic environment we sometimes create.

I’ve attached two photos below that contain tables of foods and their ratio of acid vs. alkaline. You can click on the photo to see it in its entirety.



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