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The Power of Pushups

For those of us who may be nervous about diving straight into a workout program but need to get on the right track to improve our fitness level, simply doing pushups could be the answer. Pushups are one of the oldest exercises in the book but sometimes the simplest of things are the best foundation to build on. Pushups can help to slowly integrate you into a workout routine without having to invest in equipment right off the bat. Below are a few other benefits to making sure pushups are not only incorporated into each workout, but done on a daily basis.

The Power of Pushups 2Overall Health – Pushups are one of the best full-body exercises around and while they center around upper body and core muscle groups, they produce many supplemental benefits. By calling on your body to use multiple groups, it produces more natural HGH, improves heart function, strengthens multiple areas at once, and reduces the risk of injuries to joints and bones.

Overall Health 1Easily Modified – As your fitness level increases and your muscles become stronger, pushup exercises have many different variations that can alter the difficulty. By changing small things such as grip placement, type of hand placement, or raising your feet or upper body to create an incline/decline factor, will make the pushups harder and work a new variation of muscle groups.
Easily ModifiedPreparation to use Beach Body Programs – As we mentioned before, pushups are just about as basic as it gets in the fitness world and are used in many different types of exercise routines. Beachbody programs such as T25, Insanity, P90x, and 22 Minute Hard Corps all use a variety of pushup exercises to help provide you with the ultimate workout.
Preparation to use Beach Body ProgramsSo even though you may be skeptical as to whether or not a workout program is for you, once you see the benefits that a few simple pushups can have on your body, you will be dying to crank things up a notch and find the best Beachbody program for you! Additionally, if you are already in a program, adding a few sets on your rest days can keep your body at peak levels.
The Power of Pushups 2




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