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5 “Super” Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

shutterstock_68647693-300x300Super Bowl Sunday is the day most Americans ingest the second highest calorie total of the entire year (second only to Thanksgiving)! The pizza industry thanks you for that, as it’s their busiest day of the year. I’m glad I’ll be working and have already stocked my fridge with healthy snack ideas. You don’t want to ruin that New Year’s Resolution so soon, do you? Or have you been doing so well that you think you deserve a cheat day and this is the day you’re going to let go? Well, I’ve got a few ideas for Super Bowl snacks that can allow you to binge all you want without much worry of the impending food coma that usually accompanies Super Bowl Sunday, because you don’t want to step on the scale Monday morning and see this:

1. Vegetable Tray

shutterstock_244445872-300x201You’re never going to have to worry about how many calories you eat when nature didn’t intend for it to ever come with a nutrition label! Celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and grape tomatoes are a great base for your tray to serve to your guests! You can even have a little fun with it and make the layout appear like a little stadium!



2. Fruit Bowl

shutterstock_176041289-300x199Do you have a sweet tooth you need to satisfy? What better way than with a colorful array of your favorite fruits? Blueberries, bananas, apple wedges, strawberries, and grapes are a great start to get your “Bowl” started and you can even place it in the center of the veggie tray for a burst of appealing color!


3. Healthy Dips

You don’t have to go with that processed cheese, or the powdered ranch mixed in with sour cream! Hummus is a great substitute for a veggie dip and gives you that salty satisfaction you’ve been craving. Dip your broccoli in it (one of my absolute favorite snacks), and there’s the salty crunch you thought you could only get from chips or pretzels! If you’ve got celery in that veggie tray, opt for a natural peanut butter. There are several options in your local grocery store that don’t add the hydrogenated oils or sugars. A few even come without added salt, either! There are also a lot of great recipes for guacamole all over the internet, but really all you need is some avocado, a clove of garlic, onion, lime juice, and some fresh cilantro!

4. Seeds & Nuts

shutterstock_257581570-300x200Sure, you could lay everything out in a nice display, or you can simply put out a little bowl for each item, although I recommend paper bowls, so you don’t break the bank or chance someone breaking your dishes! Throw out some almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds. Hey, look! There’s another alternative to those chips and pretzels for that salty crunchy snack! The difference is, these are MUCH more heart healthy than those are.


5. Crackers & Cheese

OK, so it’s not the healthiest option on this list, but there are certainly ways to make it healthier than it could be! Opt for a whole grain cracker. There are even rice and pita crackers available now! Naturally, you don’t want to go overboard with the cheese, but hey, if this is just a small part of your “binge eating” on Super Bowl Sunday and it’s mixed in with all the other options, it’s really not quite so bad (Shhhhhh, I won’t tell)!


So, there you have it! There are five great ideas that beat the heck out of the “nutrition” of pizza, burgers, and wings! If you have any other ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments and enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday Snacks!



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